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Our Services

Strategic Consultancy

Are you stuck finding the right information and support you need to help you develop your business? 

Using our extensive network and personal experience of starting a small business, we will help you navigate the many options available and find the vibe and tribe that is right for you.

There is plenty of help available - you only need to ask - the right people!

1:1 Business Focus 'Power Hours'

Feeling overwhelmed with the needs of your business?  Book a 'power hour'.  

Our Business Focus Power Hours are a mixture of coaching, mentoring, consultancy and practical help to take steps towards your goals.  At the end of the session you get a one pager with a summary of the discussions and your action plan. 


Operational Problem Solving

Are you deep in the 'doing' of your business?  Can't see the wood from the trees? 

We can help you get a fresh perspective and solve those nagging problems.  

With 20 years experience in operation management, we are able to identify the key issues and provide you with practical solutions. 

Project Management

If you are looking for no-nonsense practical support to deliver a project.  Look no further. 

From project plans to stakeholder reporting, budget management to resource scheduling, we can do it all.

We use our knowledge and experience in project management methodologies, tools, and best practices to find the ideal solution for each client.

We have experience in PRINCE2, Agile and many company bespoke project frameworks.



People Development

Is the 'L' word scaring you? 

Creating a culture of continuous learning and development at an individual and business level is essential for success.  

Running a training course or providing a suite of elearning solutions won't help you achieve the results you want unless you provide opportunities for reflection, review and application.

Learning is everyone's responsibility - we help you and your team have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make it happen.

Process Improvement

Why, why, why, Delilah?  Tom Jones was on to something. 

Asking why is one of the simplest and most powerful process improvement tools.  It's one of our favourite questions to ask.

When was the last time you asked why in your business?  We can help you streamline and improve your ways of working.

Our toolkit includes aspects of Lean,  Six Sigma, Kanban, process flow management, voice of the customer and much much more.